Duration: 45 min either side

Costs involvd: none

General impression: easy

Wli is just a very small border crossing but it is the shortest road to Kpalime if you visited the waterfalls.

  1. Get your passport stamped and your carnet filled out at the Ghana side. The guys could hardly write and the customs guy didn’t have the right stamp. So you reallyhave to assist them. There was some customs stamp around which said ‘customs’ and the name of the border post so I made them use that one. No problem. But pay attention to what exactly they write down, also dates and stuff.
  2. Togo is a lot more professional. Immigration is a few kms across the border. The guy was familiar with the visa d’entente and stamped our passports without any problem.
  3. The carnets had to be done a lot further down the road near the village of Tomeghbe, but the customs guys knew the principle of the Carnet and filled it out flawlessly.

For information on where to get a visa d’entente for Niger, Burkina Faso, Tog and Benin in one, have a look here.