Duration: 20 min Burkina side, 60 min Ghana side

Costs involvd: none

General impression: easy

Leaving Burkina is simple. Getting into Ghana takes a little more time

  1. About 6 km before the border: get your customs paperwork done at the customs checkpoint. There is one at the border but they are not allowed to stamp. You’ll have to explain how to fill out the Carnet de Passages though.
  2. At the actual border, get your passports stamped by immigration and ride out of Burkina. As simple as that.
  3. Right after crossing the border, there’s all the offices located nicely together. First immigration on the left. Friendly people who wanted to know all about our trip. They have to fill out several forms that you have to sign and that takes a little time. But there’s a great athmosphere.
  4. Then on to customs: these guys are not familiar with a Carnet so the the chief customs officer had to do it, but he just had lunch break. He finally arrived after 20 odd minutes and again I had to explain him what to do. No need to show any other paperwork (you HAVE to have an international drivers licence with a temp import permit though)
  5. Finally you have to get your body temperature measured to rule out diseases. I measured 34.3, Caroline 34.1 😀

Wave everyone out as you ride into this wonderful country.

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