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Iran tracks pics

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Emergency ration

We received a somewhat strange question related to adventure traveling today: “What do you guys eat along the road? I can imagine it not being easy to find food everywhere?” Well, to be honest, we don’t really worry too much about that. If locals can source ...
The road to Tata

Sun, sand and sweat

It’s been a while since we got the opportunity to keep up with the website. We are in the south of Morocco right now and we finally have a reliable internet connection so it seems. Every campsite or hostel owner seems to have a WIFI connection, but there’s alw...

Shoe fetish

For someone like me, with a passion for beautiful shoes and high heels, starting a RTW trip seems like a true challenge. I mean fashion wise. All of our stuff should fit into 4 small aluminum panniers, so we have to reconsider things again and again, we have t...
Magura clutches switched to dot

The end of mineral clutch oil

There was little light in my garage when I decided to swap the original clutch slave for an upgraded aftermarket Oberon model. It was the day before we left so it was all done in the typical rush of the last moment. And of course the clutch fluid was changed a...
Sun at last in Portugal

Chasing the sun

The weather gods weren’t particularly favorable on the day of our departure. Most of the route down to Portugal was bloody cold and that wasn’t really what we had in mind. On top of that we kept struggling with fuel problems. There hadn’t been much time for bi...
Klaar om gte vertrekken

The start of a 5 year adventure

To all who were in doubt if we were really going to leave: well,we did!The past few months have been exhausting. We prepared the house for renting, we conquered endless administrative procedures that go with leaving for a longer period and faced the inevit...