La Fata Morgana, the fairy Morgan, gave her name to a complex form of mirage often believed to be fairy castles or floating land created by her witchcraft to lure sailors. Fata morgana’s are known to attract the desperate thirsty in the desert in desperate need of water, soon faced with the reality of the illusion.

We too are attracted to the lure of the horizon, we too can’t resist it and we too have to conclude that we will never be able to really get there.

MotoMorgana is about chasing horizons, about confronting the illusion of the dream with the reality of life, and most of all about the beauty of both.

MotoMorgana, that is us, Tom and Caroline. We are two passionate motorbike riders and experienced travellers, keen on exploring the world. Our goal? Traveling 6 continents, reducing the level of comfort to a minimum, getting to know people, cultures, enjoying the beauty of nature, far away from hectic day to day life or mass tourism.

We want to show the world it can be done as long as you are prepared to break free from the ordinary life. We both quit our jobs, sold what wasn’t precious and worked hard to convince people to support us in many different ways. Because MotoMorgana is more than just us. It’s a community of enthusiastic people who believe in us and take us that little bit further.

Right now we are preparing to leave on a 5 years journey by November 2016. A first part of the journey will take us from Brussels to Cape Town, partly via Western Africa and partly via Eastern Africa. South America will probably be next, we don’t want to plan too much ahead. We’ll see…

We would like to invite you to explore the site to discover the many aspects of our adventure. Enjoy the ride and share it with your friends!