Duration: 45 min

Costs involvd: none

General impression: easy


This must have been the easiest border crossing so far. There’s really not much to it.

  1. About 2 km before the border: get your passports stamped by the Senegalese police. These super friendly guys even invited us to have some papaya with them. No bribing.
  2. About 1 km before the border : get the carnets stamped. In fact I had to tell the customs officer how to do it since he only started working at the border. Super friendly, super correct
  3. Cross the border with Mali. The police checkpoint here doesn’t stamp your passport. Move on to the customs office a few kilometers down the road on the right. It only took 2 minutes to get them done.
  4. Continue to the police checkpoint 500 m further and get the passports stamped. This took 5 minutes.
  5. They’ll open the barrier for you and you are ready to enjoy this wonderful country!